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What is the effect of the Covid-19 (Corona) crisis on Concrefy and what does that mean for you?

Status 24-03-2020 - We will keep you informed of further developments here.

We at Concrefy comply with very strict rules with regards to the safety of our people and our customers.
Because of the high level of automation and the size of our laboratories, that is relatively easy for us.

We have home offices with good VPN connections and we are able to have save distances from colleagues (social distancing) in our laboratories.
All colleagues with flu-like symptoms are of course at home but luckily most colleagues are healthy and active.
Because of that we can, despite the Corona situation, keep doing our work in the best possible way.

Therefore not much is changing for you as our customer.
We are available, we collect test samples, we conduct tests. We have however, taken additional measures to minimize the risks for our employees. This means changes in working methods and in the number of people who may be present at the same time.
As a result, it is possible that work or reports are d somewhat elayed. Of course we do everything we can to keep that to a minimum.
Our colleagues from Support are ready for you so please contact us if we can help you out or if you’d like more information.

Hopefully the situation will soon improve and you and your company are not severely touched.

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