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Metal testing for concrete construction

Verification tests on reinforcement steel, mechanical connections and end anchors

Our laboratory is specialised in testing rebar and related products used in concrete construction. For steel producers we carry out verification tests on reinforcement steel. For cutting and bending plants and concrete factories, these are periodic tests on straightened reinforcement steel and also tests on welded joints that are manually or mechanically welded, such as reinforcement meshes, lattice girders or spiral reinforcement.

Process control reinforcement steel

We have developed a methodology for process control of reinforcement steel that fully relieves the customer from the periodic checks required for certification, CE marking or regulatory purposes. This allows the manufacturer to focus on his production while the quality aspects are managed automatically

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Mechanical connections and end anchors

For mechanical connections and final anchors for reinforcement steel, many international standards are available, setting different requirements and prescribing very specific tests. Our laboratory belongs to a selection of laboratories worldwide that are able to carry out these tests. We carry out these tests for manufacturers of these coupling systems, but also for contractors and other users of these products. Based on static, dynamic and cyclic loads, we assess whether the products meet all the requirements for use in bridges, viaducts, power stations, dams, high-rise buildings or stadiums.

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