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Concrete Consultancy

“The combination high-quality research and consulting is very exciting.”

- Sigrid Mulders

Concrete Consultancy

Concrefy is an independent international research institute for technical research, consultancy and damage expertise.

  • Concrete technology

    With more than 40 years of experience in concrete technology, Concrefy is a specialised consultant for producers and processors of prefabricated concrete and concrete poured in at the building site.
    Concrefy combines thorough knowledge of material technology with practical experience in concrete construction. We provide support for the implementation of new materials or process technologies. Our specialists set up quality systems and conduct quality assurance during production or construction. We conduct research in our accredited laboratories or with mobile laboratories on site.

    We support the application of fair faced concrete, fibre-reinforced concrete, underwater concrete or mass concrete with specialised expertise (e.g. modelling for restrained deformation stresses, thermal effects).

    Optimisation with Concremote
    We provide guidance in the optimisation of existing production processes. The Concremote system, which we developed, can be used for this purpose. With the Concrefy concept, we generate management information with which the production or construction process can be monitored and improved.

    More about Concremote

    Forensic engineering, damage expertise, and inspections

    Forensic engineering, damage

    Concrefy is familiar with the construction chain unlike any other, and pragmatically applies that knowledge to consultancy and (dossier) research.

    Damage to products, buildings, and constructions can be caused by countless factors and often times leads to safety risks of great financial and legal impact for both those involved and their environment. Concrefy is an independent international research institute contracted for its technical research into various types of damage in the built environment, utility and residential construction, infrastructure, but also industry. Preventive inspections and periodic assessments in the context of asset management are conducted, and multi-annual maintenance plans are formulated.

    Due to Concrefy’s involvement throughout the entire spectrum of (concrete) construction, no other firm is better suited to pragmatically connect material technology, concrete technology, knowledge of the building and production process, and damage analysis. Our forensics division is pre-eminently the platform where knowledge and practical insights provide a powerful support to one another. Our experts provide support from (dossier) research and analysis, to guidance and assistance during repairs.

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Concrete technology offers:

  • Supervision of existing concrete production for prefabrication and concrete poured in at the building site
  • Support for the development and implementation of new materials
  • Materials research in our accredited laboratories
  • Use of (one or more) mobile laboratories at the building site
  • External monitoring or supervision of work in progress
  • Innovation and development with new, alternative or recycled raw materials
  • Development and implementation of special concrete types
  • Optimisation of existing production processes
  • Quality Scans during production
  • Cost to Performance analysis of concrete production

Damage expertise & inspection offers:

  • Regular checks and inspections in relation to asset management
  • Research into the cause of construction damage
  • Dossier research
  • Damage analysis (construction errors, defective materials)
  • Research into degradation mechanisms (physical, mechanical and chemical)
  • Damage in emergencies (collapse, explosion, fire)
  • Advice on legal problems
  • Technical analysis for insurance issues and appraisals
  • Internal and external quality control during the construction process
  • Destructive and non-destructive investigations on location
  • Materials research in the accredited Concrefy laboratories
  • Residual service life analyses of buildings and structures
  • Advice on repair methods and re-use of structures
  • Risk analyses

Your benefits:

  • With advanced knowledge and pragmatic solutions, we create management information for optimising the concrete construction process.
  • Concrefy offers you independent advice and a pragmatic approach in order to limit risks and reduce costs.


Port House Antwerp

Antwerpen, Belgium

  • Stress & strain modulation of concrete

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Nakheel Mall Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Built with Concremote

more about the project

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