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‘My passion is to combine sensor technology & concrete technology.’

- Camiel Berkers


Concremote is a real-time information system that helps in taking decisions at the building site and in the concrete factory.

  • The system measures the maturity of the concrete and the environmental conditions via digital sensors and calculates the current strength development.

    Via a portal, current data can be viewed, forecasts can be made or different scenarios can be simulated. The DST gives users control over the process and enables them to save time and costs. Concremote promotes safety and quality, and offers a digital dossier.

    Concremote can control production equipment, open casings mechanically, direct climate controls / climate control rooms and operate cooling and heating containers on location. Concremote also communicates with BIM, existing ERP systems or control modules

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What Concremote offers:

  • Universal sensor systems for mass concrete, mock-ups, walls and floors
  • Validated real-time data with transparent reporting and database
  • Accessible portal with messages when the target value is reached
  • Measurements of critical extreme tension or thermal load
  • Production automation (such as prefabrication), control of heating and cooling
  • 24/7 support department
  • Global availability, according to international standards
  • Supply and connection of additional sensors and measuring equipment

Your benefits:

  • With Concremote, you build safer, better, faster and with more value for money.


Port House Antwerp

Antwerpen, Belgium

  • Stress & strain modulation of concrete

more about the project

Nakheel Mall Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Built with Concremote

more about the project

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