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Concrete Testing & Research

Concrete testing & research

Please visit our Concrefy laboratories for all thinkable research on concrete and concrete product and raw materials. Our modern equipped research facilities are available for process control and product development in function for producers of concrete products, concrete plants, contractors, governments, etc.
With our knowledge of concrete and related area’s, which we have built up over the past 40 years, we can help and support our customers in, for example, development processes for new products. Research on raw materials for concrete, fresh concrete mortar and hardened concrete are also part of our daily activities. Just like, for example, durability tests and development of mixtures.
Additionally, we are also specialised in petrographic research of concrete on a macroscopic and microscopic level for which we produce grinding plates of ± 30 μm in our own facilities.

Testing mechanical properties concrete

  • Compressive strength.
  • Flexural bending strength and tensile strength.
  • Modulus of elasticity.
  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete.
  • Paving materials (paving blocks, slabs, kerb units).

Durability testing

  • Freeze-thaw testing.
  • Carbonation of concrete.
  • Chloride penetration (e.g. Rapid Chloride Migration test).

Attestation research on filler/cement mixtures acc. BRL 1802

Several fillers such as
  • Cement / limestone-filler combinations.
  • Cement / ground-granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) combinations.
  • Cement / fly ash combinations.

Testing of prefab products

  • Cattle floor systems.
  • Floor plates and systems.
  • Fence poles.
  • Prefab wall elements with embedded masonry.
  • Spacer and much more

Testing of fresh concrete

  • Development of concrete mixtures.
  • Measurement of fresh concrete properties.
  • Selfcompacting concrete (SCC).

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