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Concrefy Consultancy

“The combination high-quality research and consulting is very exciting.”

- Sigrid Mulders

Competence in Consultancy

Our consultancy department is literally overflowing with knowledge on concrete technology.
Thanks to our active presence in the concrete sector, our specialists have extensive and practical experience in concrete construction and can suffer our clients with independent advise in many areas of the whole buildingprocess.

within our Laboratory we arrange and coordinate for our customers a number of activities such as tension analyses, that serve as a basis for determining exactly what follow-up steps to take next in the process. In addition, we advise on which raw materials are best to use and how existing production processes can be optimised.

  • Concrete technology

    With more than 40 years of experience in concrete technology, Concrefy is a specialised consultant for producers and processors of prefabricated concrete and concrete poured in at the building site.
    Concrefy combines thorough knowledge of material technology with practical experience in concrete construction. We provide support for the implementation of new materials or process technologies. Our specialists set up quality systems and conduct quality assurance during production or construction. We conduct research in our accredited laboratories or with mobile laboratories on site.


    We support the application of fair faced concrete, fibre-reinforced concrete, underwater concrete or mass concrete with specialised expertise (e.g. modelling for restrained deformation stresses, thermal effects).

    Optimisation with Decision Support Tools

    We provide guidance in the optimisation of existing production processes. The Concremote system, which we developed, can be used for this purpose. With the Concrefy concept, we generate management information with which the production or construction process can be monitored and improved.

    Forensic engineering, damage expertise, and inspections

    Concrefy is familiar with the construction chain unlike any other, and pragmatically applies that knowledge to consultancy and (dossier) research.

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Guidance on location


Our on-site guidance gives you the security of having an experienced concrete technologist in your factory or on the construction site. The assessment of mixtures, pouring method and compaction is followed and gives the opportunity to take immediate steps to make adjustments if necessary.
From the beginning, for example drawing up a dumping protocol until the end of the dumping, we are your eyes and ears at work and you have a sparring partner to ensure that the work runs smoothly. In this way we can be the pivot between you, the concrete plant and other partners on location.
Whether it concerns changes in mixtures, alternative raw materials, recycling materials or the optimization of production processes, in all cases we can support and advise you independently.
The technologist working for Concrefy has extensive experience in the manufacture and processing of concrete mortar. The technologist is also aware of current regulations and working methods.

Your advantage with our mobile laboratory

The advantage is that our people have a mobile laboratory with equipment to work on location. The mobile laboratory is equipped with a direct wireless connection to the laboratory in Venlo and all data is stored immediately.
The Concrefy laboratory has the all equipment to be able to provide any necessary tests (in addition to the activities at your location).

Cradle- to-cradle in construction


The "Cradle to Cradle ®" (short: C2C) principle was developed by the German chemist Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart and US architect William McDonough developed in the late 1990s.
Behind this is the vision of a waste-free economy, in which companies do not use materials that are harmful to health and the environment, and raw materials are permanently recycled.
Due to changes in the market and the topic of sustainability, the principle of cradle to cradle is also increasingly becoming the focus of the construction industry.
Implementing the C2C principle is a challenge for the entire industry - above all because people tend to “tried and tested” and old thinking patterns have to be broken for this.
This is where we start. Think about it beforehand!
In this sense we develop the next generation of concrete technology and construction engineering processes. With our approach and support, we are helping to transfer the entire construction industry to a new level of performance and ecological responsibility.

Concultancy in concrete technology

  • Supervision of existing concrete production for prefabrication and concrete poured in at the building site
  • Support for the development and implementation of new materials
  • Materials research in our accredited laboratories
  • Use of (one or more) mobile laboratories at the building site
  • External monitoring or supervision of work in progress
  • Innovation and development with new, alternative or recycled raw materials
  • Development and implementation of special concrete types
  • Optimisation of existing production processes
  • Quality Scans during production
  • Cost to Performance analysis of concrete production

Your benefits:

  • With advanced knowledge and pragmatic solutions, we create management information for optimising the concrete construction process.
  • Concrefy offers you independent advice and a pragmatic approach in order to limit risks and reduce costs ( Risk analyses using FEM 3D methodology).
  • Internal and external quality controls during the construction process
  • Residual and service life analyses for buildings and structures
  • By consciously dealing with C2C we develop the next generation of concrete technology within construction engineering processes and help you on the way to a new level of performance and ecological responsibility

More information about our independent advice

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Port House Antwerp

Antwerpen, Belgium

  • Stress & strain modulation of concrete

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Nakheel Mall Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Built with Concremote

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