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Curacao Refinery Utilities

At the request of the Refinery di Korsou (RDK), Concrefy repared a plan for conducting a technical audit, which was to include a remaining service life assessment on the facility of the Curacao Refinery Utilities (CRU) at the Refineria Isla Curacao B.V.

The plan specified the details for a technical audit of the various facilities, units and equipment, including mechanical, rotational, electrical and civil structures and foundations. Our technical audit provided a clear overview of and insight into the:

physical condition of the relevant process units, equipment, piping, foundations, and structures on the CRU units;

remaining Service Life Assessment results for the relevant facilities, along with the 'ageing plants' at the Curacao Refinery Utility.

For civil parts, we used a remaining life assessment methodology developed by Concrefy. Our technical audit solution enables CRU to optimize CAPEX investments and ensures CAPEX investments are made in the correct order of priority and in the correct time sequence.

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