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October 16, 2017

Dr. ir. Yawar Abbas joined R&D team


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Dr. ir. Yawar Abbas has joined the R&D team of Concrefy (formerly B|A|S)

From October 2017, dr. ir. Yawar Abbas has joined the R&D team of Concrefy (formerly B|A|S) as a researcher consultant. Yawar Abbas has acquired his doctorate degree in lab-on-a-chip technology from the BIOS lab on a chip group at the University of Twente, The Netherlands, under the supervision of Prof. Albert van den Berg.

His Phd. research was about the detection of chloride ion concentration in concrete for durability related issues. He developed some novel approaches to overcome the issue of electrochemical sensing of chloride ions in concrete.

His research interests and expertise include: Physical sensors, electrochemical sensors, remote sensing, concrete durability, electrical circuit design, microsystems and nano-technology. His main focus at Concrefy (formerly B|A|S) is to develop novel solutions for monitoring of concrete durability using remote sensors, and relate them to the asset management of concrete infrastructures.

For more information, see his LinkedIn profile.

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