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The expert for all your concrete technology questions

Concrefy is a combination of a high-tech laboratory and a knowledge institute for concrete technology that is active across the globe. With over 40 years of experience, we proudly call ourselves the specialists in concrete technology.

We develop and consult next generation innovative concrete technologies and construction methods, to elevate engineering & construction industries to a new standard of performance and environmental stewardship.

Innovation is paramount to us. We optimise the precast concrete production as well as the building process with concrete. Thanks to our exceptional insight into the construction process, we are able to deliver real improvements – improvements that make your operations more cost-efficient, safer, faster and better!
With a fresh view and innovative technologies, we aim to raise the concrete industry to a new standard.
  • Our enthusiasm for innovation does not mean that it is our only priority. Concrefy is completely focused on everything that has anything to do with concrete. From high quality testing in our modern lab to advice on the choice of materials, and from the further industrialisation of construction and production processes to the digitalisation of information flows. At Concrefy, we dedicate all our energy to helping you!
    Materials research, product development and process improvement are part of our daily routine, as are damage analyses and inspections.
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Our People


By combining digital services and modern concrete technology, we create added value for the concrete construction business


Concrefy wants to be the concrete specialist


Fresh thinking for construction


Converting Unique Selling Points to Unique Buying Reasons

Our Core values

These values show the heart of our people and culture and lead us to make the difference for our stakeholders.

Img  Caring for our people
      - we create an environment where our people feel fine and can thrive.
Img  Flexibility
      - we are flexible and will adapt to our customer’s wishes.
Img  Reliability
      - we take responsibility and do what we say.
Img  Innovativeness
      - we dare to think outside of the box.
Img  Continuous improvement
      - we always look for opportunities to improve our products, services, processes and people.
Img  Caring for the environment
      - we think about the environmental consequences of our actions and act upon that.


Concrefy has a rich history dating back to 1978, when Ing. J.J. Stapels founded the concrete consultancy firm “Betontechnisch Adviesbureau Stapels” (BAS) in Oostrum, The Netherlands.
It was not until the company’s acquisition by Ir. A.J.E.J. van Casteren in 1994 that the consultancy firm initiated its considerable modern development.
  • In 1999 this was signified by its transformation into the “Instituut voor Betontechnologie, Advies en Schade-expertise” (BAS) and the establishment of a modern accredited laboratory in Venray, The Netherlands. The next step in the evolution of the company occurred in 2007, when the largest and most modern concrete laboratory of the Netherlands “B|A|S Research & Technology” was moved to Venlo.
    Since its foundation B|A|S has rapidly developed into a renowned international concrete engineering firm. The company develops unique value engineering concepts combining concrete technology and digital techniques. As of July 2016 the company has become a part of the Doka family, focussing on further international growth.
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Concrefy B.V.
Olivier van Noortweg 10
5928 LX Venlo
The Netherlands
Tel +31 77 850 7222
Fax +31 77 850 7223

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Concrefy GmbH
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